Nyex club had a large number of visitors

Though the police refused to give bail to Nyex club promoter Rohan Shetty according to media reports, it appears that the nightclub has a large number of visitors from all over india. The lawyer for Rohan Shetty, swapnil asnodkar, trying to get bail argued that the night club had a large number of visitors, around 400-450 that night, and the club management and promoter could not monitor all those who were in the club and was not responsible for their activities.
However the police argued that the Nyex club owner was responsible for allowing people to sell drugs at his premises, especially the waiters at the club, and he was denied bail.
This clearly indicates that Nyex Club was doing a lot of business, on an average each visitor would be spending Rs 2000-3000 a person on drinks, food, entry fee, so on a single night, Nyex Club would be making more than Rs 1 lakh especially on holiday weekends. However in an indication of misplaced priorities, no one monitors the nightclubs where drugs are sold, only harmless single women domain investors are monitored closely for more than 7 years.
One of the reasons why Rohan shetty, a resident of borivali east, mumbai did not get bail unlike the Curlies beach shack owner, Edwin Nunes, was that Rohan Shetty was not a local, and did not have the local network which people residing in goa for decades have.

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