Passengers of August Kranti Rajdhani from Mumbai to Delhi looted

The media reported that approximately 25 passengers of the airconditioned compartments of the August Kranti Rajdhani train from Mumbai to Delhi were looted in the train in the early hours Wednesday morning, 16 August 2017 of an amount which could range from Rs 10-15 lakh when it was passing through Madhya Pradesh, indicating that it remains a lawless state. The passengers were looted when they were fast asleep between 1 am and 5 am in the morning, and they found that all their wallets, and purses were emptied and thrown into the dustbin
The theft was discovered when the train reached Kota in rajasthan and though the railway police asked the passengers to file a complaint immediately, many of the passengers were not willing to interrupt their journey and said that they would file a complaint after the train reached Hazrat Nizammudin in New Delhi. It is very surprising that no passenger woke up when the theft was taking place and the media reported that the food of the passengers may have been spiked.
However as a person who travelled by an airconditioned train and was feeling sleepy, nauseous, it is also possible that the airconditioning may be tampered to including some sleeping gas so that passengers were very sleepy, or sleep waves may be generated to make the passengers sleepy as NTRO has the relevant technology . It would be interesting to know if the case is solved.
This robbery again indicated the problems of overnight train travel, though time may be saved, there is a risk of dacoity.

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