I Feel Like I Am Staying at a Resort in the Place That I Live in Now

I live on disability checks that I receive each month, so I need to be really frugal with the amount of money that I spend every month. I typically rent a basic studio apartment and I am really happy with them. But my chronic illness has become worse, and I can’t live alone anymore. My father told me that he wanted to look for luxury apartments for South Charlotte NC so that he could get a nice place and I could move in with him. I told him that he did not need to do that, but he can afford a nice place and he said he thinks it’s important that I live with him.

I am in a wheelchair and can’t look at apartments on my own. So dad puts me in his car and then wheeled me around the different complexes so that I could help him pick out a good place. We were really impressed to see that most places offer wheelchair ramps, wide doorways so that my chair will fit through them easily as well as a lot of other things that make each apartment unit entirely handicap accessible. Some luxury apartment complexes even have elevators! The place that dad has rented for us has one. I feel wonderful when I use it because it lets me move go to our unit easily.

I must say that while I was living in the basic studio apartments that I always lived in, it is really nice to live in the lap of luxury with my father. The unit that we have feels like a grand house. It really is nice. Sometimes it even feels like we are on vacation and staying in a really nice resort. It is really nice to be able to look out the window and see a sparkling pool with cabanas and high-end landscaping, too.

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