We Found the Best Apartment Complex in the Manassas Park, Virginia Area

I asked my wife if we could take our time on the apartment tours we were going on when we were ready to move. However, we saw some places where we decided to just end the tour before it really got started. We were looking for the best, and we decided to not settle for any less. We were on a month to month lease at our old place, so we had plenty of time to choose from the new apartments in Manassas VA. And by new, we mean new to us as well as being a new place. We looked at renovated places, but the Palisades at Manassas Park, Virginia looked the best because it actually is all new.

I can’t believe some of the places we went to see before we leased an apartment at the Palisades. We walked into one place and it was dirty. My wife shook hands with the person giving the tour, thanked her telling her we were not interested and then we left. The tour person did not seem surprised. When we toured the Palisades, it was a breath of fresh air-literally. The apartment we looked at was clean as a whistle. It was brand new. The refrigerator and dishwasher were never used. The bathroom and kitchen had no grime built up in the tiny nooks and crannies. Except for a slight dust you find after you build a new house, the place was clean.

When we toured the grounds and saw the resort-style swimming pool and the amazing fitness center and clubhouse with cyber cafe, we had to sign the lease right there. How often are you going to get the chance as an apartment dweller to get a new apartment that is actually new? Plus, it is in the perfect location for access to the VRE we take for our commute to work.

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