I Kind of Hurt My Back

I was not looking for one bedroom apartments in Jackson MS when it happened. I had been living in this big house near the campus, this place where I had lived with five other people since I was a junior in college. The place was great back then. It was just a couple of blocks from the campus and obviously the rent was terrific when you divide it up six ways. Of course it was a dump and it was a mad house most of the time. Now however I think that I may need a chiropractor. I got one of my buddies to help me move and this was a three story apartment block. I did not have very much, but the one thing I knew would be a real problem was this sleeper sofa. I thought a long time about whether or not I wanted to bring it, because I knew that it was going to be really tough to get it up three flights of stairs.

At any rate we got it up the first two stairways and it was a real ordeal. If you have ever lifted a sleeper sofa, then you know that they are really heavy. Obviously it is a bed stuck into the guts of a sofa, along with the means to fold it out. That is always a lot of metal in fact. We should have took a break, but instead the two of us went straight towards the apartment since we were so close. We were nearly at the time when the other guy slipped and nearly fell over. I did my best to keep that sleeper sofa from crushing him and running over him and that was when my back started hurting. He managed to get back on his feet, but it was all I could do to get to the top of the stairs without crying.

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