I’ll Feel Better Again Soon with a Little Help

The chiropractor in Bakersfield CA that I met at a work party said I should let him check me over at his office to see if he could help me. He overheard me talking to his wife and explaining that I could no longer work out because I had so many aches and pains that were keeping me down. He leaned in and explained what he does for a living and said he’d like to do what he could to help me heal and get active again. It sounded wonderful. I felt like my body was going to jelly because I hadn’t been able to work out or be active for too long. I also no longer felt healthy anymore because of it.

My wife and kids are pretty active, too. It was frustrating to watch them all walk out the door to play a fun game of racquetball together, but I couldn’t participate. Cleaning house is about as much exercise as I’ve gotten for the past year. Cleaning the entire house used to take me just 4 hours on a Saturday morning in the past. After the back and leg pains started, I found that it would take me 5 hours on Saturday and another 5 hours the next day on Sunday. I could have asked my kids to help, but I needed to move around so I wanted to do what I could on my own.

I wasn’t born lucky enough to be someone who relaxes a lot. I’ve always been on the move. I lived for sports in elementary school, high school and college. I’m 40, and nothing has changed other than the fact that my back slowed me down. Getting help made sense because there is no reason for me to suffer silently while the rest of the world has the fun of being active.

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