A New Adventure with Lisa

Sometimes, life throws us a curve ball. As people, we are forced to step outside our comfort zone and take on life. I also experienced this situation. My wife Rose and I both had to step outside our comfort zones to get what we wanted out of life. A month ago, my boss offered me a new position in my company. I was chosen to oversee an international office in Singapore. The catch was that my wife Lisa and I would have to move. We researched living spaces online and decided to live at Parc Esta in Singapore. We were very pleased with what we found.

I would for my company for ten years. I completed an internship with the company during my senior year in college. They were so pleased with my work, that I was offered a job fresh out of college. I have never regretted my decision to work for them. The company has helped me with its great benefits package. The company gave me health insurance and also paid for my grad school education. The best gift I received was my wife Lisa. We both met at the company and fell in love with each other.

Last month, my boss told me about a new opoprtunity. The company was expanding overseas and needed someone to oversee the company. I had never been to a foreign country before and I was scared. The job came with a six figure salary. I knew that I could not turn down that money. I knew that it would mean a better life for Lisa and I.

A month later, we moved to Singapore. The country was so beautiful when we first arrived. When fell in love with our new condo. It was near my office, so I did not have to travel far to and from my office.

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