Indian government identity theft victims cannot afford to travel, IRCTC Ladakh spam emails

One of the greatest ironies is how many advertisers are sending emails selling expensive products and services to the domain investor, who is a victim of a major identity theft fraud by the indian government, has no money

Magnificent Ladakh Ex Ahmedabad
Duration: 7 Nights/ 8 Days Price:< /strong> Rs. 48,050/- PP
Journey Dates: 21st June, 8th July, 22nd July & 10th Aug 2018

Air tickets in Air India (AMD-DEL) and Jet Airways (DEL-IXL-DEL-AMD) flights.
Meals: (6 Breakfast, 6 Lunch and 6 Dinners).
All Transfers by Non AC Tempo Traveler [Seat preference is not guaranteed however it will be allocated by IRCTC Tour
Manager while considering the age or medical condition of the passengers.
One liter bottle of package drinking water per person per day.
nights hotel accommodation at Leh , 1 night camp stay at Nubra Valley & 1 night camp stay at Pangong Lake .
Tour Manager.
All applicable taxes.
Passengers are required to present fit-to-travel certificate duly certified by an Registered MBBS Doctor or RMP (Registered Medical Practitioner) at the time of booking.

Contact Us:
IRCTC Regional Office: 502, Pelican Building, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, Ashram Road

Risky travelling in India with a laptop

There are many risks involved in travelling with a laptop in India which the mainstream media does not discuss. There is always a risk that the laptop will be physically damaged during travel, especially if there are potholes, during monsoon as the mechanical parts, electronics may get damaged because of water.
There is another great risk, that those who have a laptop are targetted for theft of documents by cbi, security agencies, for forcing identity theft as only wealthy people can afford a laptop.
So it is better to get a laptop or computer at the place where a person is going if it will be used only for checking email
The security agencies label those who are not carrying a laptop as being uneducated., however instead of being defamed , is better than losing the savings and laptop after being targetted with radiation weapons which cause memory loss.
This also indicates the generalizations, incorrect assumptions, and incompetence of the security agencies that they are refusing to acknowledge the fact that a person may have access to laptops or computers in multiple cities, so why carry a laptop from one city to another?

Ranveer singh, travel and money

Travelling is expensive, and only those who are wealthy can afford to travel , especially to foreign countries. Allegedly the actor Ranveer singh said that his family did not have much money, so they went on a foreign holiday only once a year
However every year, they would go to united states, and to goa in december
This has attracted a lot of attention in social media, as many people cannot afford to travel abroad and are passing comments. This is also showing how self centered wealthy indians are, they do not realize that many indian citizens, cannot even afford to travel within India.
For example the domain investor, legally owning this website, cannot even afford to travel to mumbai once a month, as it will cost Rs 10000 or more and she is not having that kind of business income.

Fruit festival held in Margao instead of panaji

It appears that power is slowly shifting from the capital of goa Panaji, to the commercial capital of the state Margao.
Almost every year, in April , the fruit festival was held in Panaji,
However in 2018, the fruit festival was held in Margao instead of panaji, it would be interesting to find the official reason for the shifting of the fruit festival.
Compared to Panaji, Margao has a higher population