Some indians travel to nepal to purchase cheaper tomatoes and vegetables for food

Due to corruption and mismanagement, the prices of tomatoes in india has increased greatly and in some places the prices are exceeding Rs 150/kg
According to media reports Indians are now travelling to nepal to purchase cheaper tomatoes and other vegetables
The prices of tomatoes are CHEAPER in nepal at Rs 60/kg
The nepali farmers are realizing that indians will purchase their tomatoes in bulk, so they are growing them.
They are also making a good profit selling these tomatoes
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Social media influencers get income tax notice after posting photos of their luxury holidays abroad

Though the liar tech, internet companies are making up fake stories that domain ownership is very lucrative, in reality it is very difficult for some users to make any money from their website. At present in 2023, the social media influencers, especially on youtube and instagram are making plenty of money, often more than Rs 1 crore a year while the domain investor is making a huge loss.
The influencers are flaunting their lavish lifestyles so that they are hired by more companies. They are often going abroad and purchasing or getting expensive luxury items. Since they are posting photos of the places they visit, it is very easy for the income tax staff to track their activities.
It appears that 15 influencers have got an income tax notice, one influencer received goods worth Rs 30 lakh and showed her income as Rs 3.5 lakh only.

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Optum human resources manager running government SLAVERY racket visits pushkar for holiday

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Top indian government employees far worse than hotelier pulkit arya, making FAKE CLAIMS about goan bhandari raw employee CALL GIRL sunaina chodan

The anikita bhandari pulkit arya case in uttarkhand showed that top indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata, government officials are far worse than hotelier pulkit arya in exploiting women to supply call girls to top government employees,

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VIP guests preferred Vanantara resort owned by Pulkit Arya, located in a forest

Drugs were also supplied to VIP guests at Vanantara resort owned by Pulkit Arya
One of the reasons why the Ankita Bhandari case is worth following is because the domain investor wishes to show that supplying call girls to vip guests is a common practice in India, and the call girls are usually compensated financially for their services. Ankita Bhandari was allegedly offered Rs 10000 extra to massage a VIP guest and when she refused, she was allegedly murdered.
Yet the indian and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata are running a massive sex, bribery racket in the indian internet sector to avoid paying the call girls from their million dollar profits. They are falsely marketing the goan call girls they supply to top indian government employees , like siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, who do not invest any money in domains ( and other frauds like bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, wife of tata power employee guruprasad), do not do computer work, as online, experts, domain investors owning this and other domains to get them monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor, who is slandered in the worst manner to cover up the sex, bribery racket in a case of government SLAVERY
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It appears that a large number of politicians were visiting the Vanantara resort in Pauri, Garhwal area of Uttarkhand owned by Pulkit Arya, which was in the middle of the jungle. According to the media reports, based on interviews with the staff of the hotel, drugs like marijuana, cannabis were allegedly also supplied to the VIP guests.

Yachts for sailing holiday

Many rich persons, millionaires invest in a luxury yacht so that they can go on a sailing holiday whenever they wish. They also hold parties on the yacht. Others who cannot purchase a yacht, can hire a yacht for a few days for a holiday. There are many companies offering a wide variety of rental yachts at a very reasonable rate. These yachts are of different sizes, with various features.

Most indian celebrities holidaying in Maldives

The indian mainstream media rarely has the honesty and humanity to cover the news of fraud, corruption, instead they are mainly posting photos of scantily clad celebrity, mainly women actresses, in bikinis or swimsuits.
This year, Maldives has become the preferred holiday location for top celebrities.
Almost every celebrity is posting their photo from maldive only.

Cybercriminal has stolen article on Marches region

This article was copied by a panaji cybercriminal hacking the computer of the domain investor.Kindly note that the goan bhandari cybercriminal gang led by pritesh chodankar , R&AW employee sunaina chodan, asmita patel riddhi nayak caro\ are giving fake excuse of national security, and are supported by the fraud btech 1993 ee class from india’s top engineering college in their cybercrime.

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The Marches region is worth exploring because of the diverse environmental conditions and landscapes. In addition to the natural beauty of the region of area 10,000 square km, visitors can also experience the artistic creations in the area. This region has thousands of different landscapes and colors waiting to be discovered. The sunflower fields are yellow in color, the hills and natural parks are different shades of soothing green. Red is extensively used in culture, folklore and traditions of the area while the lakes, rivers and sea are in different shades of blue.

This region has a coastline which is 180 km long and overlooking the Adriatic sea. Tourists can choose from 26 resorts along the coastline, which has a large number of beautiful beaches and bays. There are nine marinas along the coast with 18 blue flags to certify the quality of the services and water. Some of the beaches have fine sand, while others have gravel or rocks. A few of these beaches have rocks, sand with palm trees. Visitors can play a variety of beach games and water sports on these beaches while enjoying the excellent weather. Further inland, away from the coast, the region has a extraordinarily beautiful landscape comprising of lush green woods, forests and golden hills. The colorful meadows and woods alternate with the orchards filled with fruit trees, and fields where wheat is grown.

The Apennine mountains are located in the western part of the region. These mountains are sloping gradually to reach the sea and have a number of valleys. The southern Marches region has the Sibillini mountains, some of which are more than two thousand meters in height. These mountains are popular among those who enjoying trekking and hiking. Botany lovers also enjoying visit these mountains regularly to experience their diverse flora, plants and trees.

Health problems of Actor Sushant Singh rajput show the risk of travelling

Though most people claim they enjoy travelling, in reality it is often very risky and expensive
The case of Actor Sushant Singh rajput is one of the most famous examples of what can happen after travel.
Most people claim that he was OK, before he went on the Europe tour with rhea chakraborty and her brother
While livein relations are becoming common in india, with R&AW employee sunaina’s sisters being involved in livein relationships, it is very odd, that a brother goes with his sister and her boyfriend on a europe tour.