Airlines may be denying customers boarding pass if the flight is overbooked to avoid paying compensation

Usually the airline staff will announce that boarding is closing for a flight several times, so that passengers who are standing in the queue can get their boarding pass since passengers are paying a large amount for the ticket.
Only in the air india ,the staff are not making any announcement,working very slowly, making passengers go from counter to counter, waste time at each counter and then denying them the boarding pass.
An older single woman passenger was allegedly intentionally denied a boarding pass for the mumbai to flight AI-663 on November 21, 2023 by airline staffer Ms Rohini Surve, Ms Heena causing great hardship to the older single woman. In addition to wasting the hard earned money,the single woman was forced to make alternate arrangement to reach goa at a very short notice, since the return ticket was already booked.
The airline may have allegedly overbooked for the flight AI_663 and to avoid refunding the passengers they may be intentionally delaying the passengers at airline counters
So it is not advisable for older ugly passengers to purchase an air india ticket, they may be denied the boarding pass despite paying the entire ticket amount since the staff is allegedly targetting passengers who appear powerless.
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