I Kind of Hurt My Back

I was not looking for one bedroom apartments in Jackson MS when it happened. I had been living in this big house near the campus, this place where I had lived with five other people since I was a junior in college. The place was great back then. It was just a couple of blocks from the campus and obviously the rent was terrific when you divide it up six ways. Of course it was a dump and it was a mad house most of the time. Now however I think that I may need a chiropractor. I got one of my buddies to help me move and this was a three story apartment block. (more…)

Renting, Leasing and Property Management for Income

I started into real estate acquisition when I got married. My wife and I both wanted to be able to retire young, but we needed to secure an income we could generate without first spending years in training. We had both dropped out of college and were already in our late twenties when we got married. Using our clean credit and day jobs as buying power, we started buying houses. We both had a course in leasing agent training to get renters to sign leases, and the rest is history.

One purchase lead to another as far as houses and properties were concerned. We have even flipped a couple of houses that were too good to pass up. I had went to school for carpentry as a young man. That nine month course helped me identify what I needed to know about structures that were viable for flipping. Plus, it helped me with sweat equity getting the work done right and cheap when necessary. It was always a balance of time versus money. (more…)

We Found the Best Apartment Complex in the Manassas Park, Virginia Area

I asked my wife if we could take our time on the apartment tours we were going on when we were ready to move. However, we saw some places where we decided to just end the tour before it really got started. We were looking for the best, and we decided to not settle for any less. We were on a month to month lease at our old place, so we had plenty of time to choose from the new apartments in Manassas VA. And by new, we mean new to us as well as being a new place. We looked at renovated places, but the Palisades at Manassas Park, Virginia looked the best because it actually is all new.

I can’t believe some of the places we went to see before we leased an apartment at the Palisades. We walked into one place and it was dirty. My wife shook hands with the person giving the tour, thanked her telling her we were not interested and then we left. The tour person did not seem surprised. (more…)

I Feel Like I Am Staying at a Resort in the Place That I Live in Now

I live on disability checks that I receive each month, so I need to be really frugal with the amount of money that I spend every month. I typically rent a basic studio apartment and I am really happy with them. But my chronic illness has become worse, and I can’t live alone anymore. My father told me that he wanted to look for luxury apartments for South Charlotte NC so that he could get a nice place and I could move in with him. I told him that he did not need to do that, but he can afford a nice place and he said he thinks it’s important that I live with him.

I am in a wheelchair and can’t look at apartments on my own. So dad puts me in his car and then wheeled me around the different complexes so that I could help him pick out a good place. We were really impressed to see that most places offer wheelchair ramps, wide doorways so that my chair will fit through them easily as well as a lot of other things that make each apartment unit entirely handicap accessible. (more…)

Enjoying the Complete Tuscany Experience

Italy is a country of rich culture and amazing food, and the best way to have a good time while in Italy is to have a luxury villa rental for Tuscany. I went there with a few friends recently and it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken. I was excited to go before getting on the plane, but once I actually arrived in Tuscany, I was head over heels for the place. I was so close to leaving my life behind in America and moving there, but I just couldn’t. Maybe one day when I have more money.

While I did go to a lot of places in Tuscany for sight seeing, I did spend some quality time in the villa. (more…)