Goan gsb fraud cbi employee housewife riddhi nayak falsely claimed to own time share of google competitor

As part of the never ending financial.identity theft fraud masterminded allegedly by the crooked google, tata employees, they bribed fraud ntro, cbi employees to make completely fake allegations without any proof against a harmless obc single woman engineer, domain investor and google competitor with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai, so that crores of rupees of indian tax payer money could be wasted to put the google competitor under surveillance, and monitor all the financial records
So when the google competitor was making payments for a time share, the cunning shameless goan gsb fraud mafia of caro, nayak, mandrekar who had viciously defamed the google competitor since 2010, falsely claimed that their lazy greedy mediocre cheater relative cbi employee goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak, panaji’s top extortionist, was making the payment to get her great privileges. Though the greedy goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak was not owning the icici credit card used for making payment and never paid a single paisa towards the icici credit card bill, only relied on shameless fraud goan gsb mafia and her powerful fraud friends like ntro employee vijay, google, tata employees to make fake claims
Voice to skull technology was then used by the ntro employees to taunt the domain investor that their goan gsb fraud girlfriend claimed to own the time share, when she had not paid any money for the time share which was actually paid by a obc bhandari single woman engineer.It is is this lack of honesty of lazy greedy goan gsb fraud government employees like housewife riddhi nayak, who want to steal everything from vulnerable obc bhandari engineers that makes poets like Vishnu Wagh abuse the saraswats in his poetry, as responsible for all the atrocities in goa

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