Tourists from Kerala, Tamil Nadu die in rave parties in Anjuna

The media in goa reported that in two separate incidents, at different rave parties in Anjuna on Saturday 12 August 2017, tourists from Kerala, Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu, 28 year old Pravin Surendra(sundaram) and Nidan Abdullah died in different rave parties in Anjuna, late at night. The media reported that both the tourists were feeling uneasy at the rave party, collapsed, and died soon afterwards

Though the medical autopsy reports are reserved , it is widely believed that a drug overdose was responsible for their death and both the tourists were also drunk. A large number of tourists allegedly flock to goa, especially north goa, Anjuna, Vagator for drugs according to media reports

It clearly indicates the great divide in the opportunities available to indian citizens, some young people have plenty of money and can afford to attend rave parties in goa, far away from native place, spending money on drink and drugs, while crores of rupees of indian tax payer money are spent since 2010, to block the payment, deny opportunities to harmless indian paypal account holders, domain investors who do not have money for basic necessities despite working for many hours.

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