Goa flooded with tourists during independence day weekend

Due to rampant crony capitalism in India, mainly employees of large companies are making a lot of money as salaries as large corporates like google, tata, ruthlessly exploit small business owners in India, making them slaves, forcing them to work for free, allegedly stealing their memory, savings, resume and correspondence without a court order or legally valid reason. As a result, small business owners, who have flexible timings and no holidays have very less money, especially in the IT and internet sector, as the indian government has made them slaves, working for free to increase the profit of google, tata and other well connected companies.
On the other hand, salaried individuals who have fixed holidays like independence day have plenty of money and can afford to visit goa for expensive holidays to get away from their daily routine.
In 2017, like previous years, goa was flooded with tourists on 14, 15 August as the employees took casual leave on Monday 14 August 2017, to get a long holiday weekend holiday from August 12 to 15 2017. In addition to tickets to goa, each trip must have cost at least Rs 15000 per person, indicating that most salaried persons are well paid while indian paypal account holders,female domain investors are forced to work for free by the corrupt ntro employees who steal their correspondence, memory, savings and resume for their relatives and friends

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