Indian tourists visiting foreign countries are allowed to spend foreign currency

NTRO is treating paypal account holders making small usd purchases cost 5-10 $ for business purposes like criminals , falsely accusing them of tax evasion. However the fact remains that indian citizens are allowed to spend some amount of foreign currency for personal and business purposes without paying any import duty. For example, indian citizens can visit foreign countries as tourists and spend approximately $10000 or more annually without any restriction, without being taxed as an importer.

The indian tourists are also importing foreign goods and services, however ntro does not hound these tourists, they are only harassing paypal account holders because google,tata have bribed the ntro employees to make the life of indian paypal account holders hell, so that they apply for a job and these companies can get hardworking honest employees at very low salaries, making huge profits

Can the ntro employees justify the double standards regarding spending of US $ by tourists, students, and indian paypal account holders

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