I Slipped on a Slimy Sidewalk and Felt Like I Broke My Back

I slipped on a slimy sidewalk. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I would sue the owner, but it was me. However, our homeowners insurance might cover the medical expenses. I landed hard on my butt and hurt my tailbone. I also hurt my left arm and shoulder. In the course of causing all the bruising and maybe even a broken coccyx, I also twisted my back pretty bad. I saw an MD and a chiropractor in San Francisco for total therapy to resolve the problems. The MD told me only time would help me feel better. I needed time to heal up. When three weeks went by and the tingling and burning sensations continued, I went to the chiropractor.

My back had spasms and trigger points. The therapy included electrical stimulation that felt weird but really helped. The adjustments helped the burning and all the tingling to go away. The nerves where irritated due to the big back twist I did on the way down trying not to fall. Now you may be wondering how we got a slimy sidewalk. It was a moss or algae growing on an old slate sidewalk in the garden area under the shade of a row of big trees. Then add to that a little rain, and the sidewalk was like ice in spots. I have since pressure washed the old sidewalk and sealed it. No more plant growth to slip on and feel like a dummy doing it.

My back is a lot better now. It took about six visits to the chiropractor in San Francisco to begin feeling my best again. I am very happy that the burning and tingling is gone. Nerve pain is an awful pain that can drive you up a wall. It is persistent and there is no medication that will take it away.

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