Social media influencers get income tax notice after posting photos of their luxury holidays abroad

Though the liar tech, internet companies are making up fake stories that domain ownership is very lucrative, in reality it is very difficult for some users to make any money from their website. At present in 2023, the social media influencers, especially on youtube and instagram are making plenty of money, often more than Rs 1 crore a year while the domain investor is making a huge loss.
The influencers are flaunting their lavish lifestyles so that they are hired by more companies. They are often going abroad and purchasing or getting expensive luxury items. Since they are posting photos of the places they visit, it is very easy for the income tax staff to track their activities.
It appears that 15 influencers have got an income tax notice, one influencer received goods worth Rs 30 lakh and showed her income as Rs 3.5 lakh only.

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