Owners of curlies shack , Nyex club held after drugs were found

According to goan newspaper reports, the owners and staff of curlies beach shack, Edward Nunes and promoter of Nyex club Rohan Shetty and their staff was arrested by the goa police after some drugs were seized . Earlier curlies beach shack had become famous worldwide after the british teenager Scarlett Keeling was found dead in Anjuna in 2008, as she allegedly frequented the restaurant.

While the owner of Curlies beach shack was later released on bail as the amount of drugs found was comparatively less, the media reported that the promoter of Nyex club Rohan Shetty was originally from Mumbai, was initially denied bail as a larger amount of drugs was found in the possession of those at Nyex club

Allegedly the waiters at the club are involved in peddling drugs to visitors to the clubs and beach shacks and it has made goa notorious all over india, as a place where people can get away with anything including drugs, drinking and paid sex according to media reports especially since the sunrise state of goa has decided to make google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee PROSTITUTE sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc the role model, falsely claiming that the goan er is an online expert, domain investor to pamper her, give her a monthly R&AW salary for sex services.

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