My Friends Picked My New Apartment for Me

I let my friends pick where I was going to live. I invited everyone to a party at my old place using formal invitations that I actually mailed to them. I don’t think these Internet junkies have ever gotten anything in the mail other than bills and ads. The premise was to go online and look for apartments near Ballantyne in Charlotte NC, and then pick the best place for us all to tour. They looked at a bunch of apartment websites, and then they all voted and settled that I would be moving to the District South apartments as soon as we all did a site tour and it met their approval.

They talked about me having big rooms with high ceilings so that we could all have space when they visited me. They said they needed parking too, because they were tired of walking almost a block from where they had to park to get to my old apartment. Plus, they said the place had to have a big swimming pool for their entertainment. Keep in mind that there were only four friends deciding for me. They are my friends. Other people are more like acquaintances and coworkers. They told me to get two bedrooms in case anyone wanted to stay. I told them that they could sleep on the couch or floor if they ever stayed overnight. They said they would not be having any of that nonsense.

I did want another room to use as an office. I could throw sleeper sofa in there. The luxury apartment in Asheville was actually the best one we saw online. It has a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. You don’t usually see apartments with granite in the kitchen as it is expensive. The rent was very reasonable for all the amenities including the clubhouse and fitness center. My friends were happy with their choice, and I was too. I signed a lease and moved there last month.

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