Make Plans Now for the Better

At forty one years old, I thought that my brother was crazy at thirty eight to go and buy his burial plot for him and his wife. We are so young I told him, he did not have to go out and start buying things like that and then the next week, one of our friends was killed. I realized that he was not crazy for going out to look for monuments in Morris County NJ where he thought he wanted to be buried. There are a lot of people who say that you could never plan things like that too far ahead. It is a lot of money to bury someone today. It could literally cost something like six or ten thousand dollars for a low end funeral and calling hours. I do not want a lot done when I am dead, I think that I want to be cremated. I do not want to have my body out for all those people to see, I don’t think I want an open casket. I think that could be hard for my friends and family to sit there and look at my body for a few hours.

It actually seems kind of weird how we do things when people die. So, we put chemicals in people to make them last a few extra days and we put make up on them and put them in their favorite clothes so we can go and look at them and touch them so we can say goodbye one more time. It seems like funerals for the living and not the dead. I never really understood that until now so I am really glad that I can say I finally get it. I really have to think about what I want for my burial and services.

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